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Why Build Authority Sites For Internet Marketing?


What is an authority site? Quite simply, as the term suggests, it is a site that all others consider as an “authority” in that niche. Other websites link to such an authority site and reference its URL in their content, simply because it offers quality content. Certain common features to authority websites are: Large content and more pages than a regular site, several additional links from other authority sites, interactive features, etc.

Do you have a website that has such features? Then they would surely contribute to your site becoming an authority site. You could easily market this kind of a site and make huge profits online.

Here are some top suggestions for your website becoming an authority site:

  • Create a large amount of quality content so that it attracts other webmasters to create links to your site. These links should be from sites that are regarded themselves as authority sites.
  • Find thematic portals for hyperlinks and submit to quality directories.
  • It would be wise to trade links with those sites that match the same theme as your site. Experts say that trading a link with a competitor who is ranking well in the current Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) boosts your own site. A mutual interest in boosting each other’s websites should make your competitor agree on this point?

If you have a large website it is expected to have lots of content. When you have more content, there is more chance of your pages getting one or of your sub pages linked to. The theme and large size of a website makes it more to be an authority than a smaller site.

You could give value-based gifts to your visitors – for example, a free report, a useful tool, a free download of an e-book, etc.

Forums make your site more interactive. A thematic, friendly forum attracts more visitors and their participation increases more index pages to your site. Besides this, posts in a forum generally get linked to from other forums, which could also be from another authority site.

You could place a number of articles on your website. This would enable other authority sites to link to yours. It is not a bad idea to get an article write-up or review about other authority sites and get the relevant backward links!

If you have more than one domain and if the contents are similar but little different, you could give a new layout and re-write the content. This could make the other sites look different and again give way for relevant hyperlinks. A combination of these two factors generally determines an authority page.

Static websites have become a thing of past. If you want to be successful online, building authority sites is the way to go in this Internet age. The above tips would help you build an authority site for your web business.

Inbound Linking SEO Tips


The old saying is true, “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”.
To some extent this holds true in the world of search engine optimization and your website linking strategy. Links within and without your site all play a role in how well your site ranks within the search engines. Not only in your internal links within the site, but your outbound links and most importantly, your inbound links from other websites.

The rules have changed from the days of old where things like “reciprocal linking” and sites that just have hundreds of out bound links to web sites (otherwise known as link farms), are gone and hold no weight with the search engines. As a matter of fact, you can actually be penalized if a link to your website is found on one of the sites that just post links to other web sites, either with no relevance or content related to the keywords being searched on. The search engines view these as spamming techniques, and in the end will hurt you more than help you. My advice to you, stay far away as possible from anything that even looks like or smells like a link farm or anything of that nature. What follows in the next paragraph is what you are looking for.
The major key to helping you achieve great organic search engine results is “inbound linking” or one way links.
This is where a link from another site has an inbound link on their website linking back to your home page or sub page within your site without you required to post a link back to their site. Not as easy to achieve as reciprocal linking but well worth the effort. Even beyond a one way link from another site is another factor equally as important.

That factor is that even if you have 100 or 1000 inbound links to your site, if those site either have a low or no page rank (page rank is a rating from 0 to 10 as to the quality and quantity of your site….in simplest terms, even though there is a lot more to page ranking than the aforementioned…we’ll save that one for a future tip). The higher the page rank of the site that your inbound links are coming from, the more weight that is given to your site. The idea here is, in the eyes of the search engines, is that if these site are linking to you and your not required to link back to them, then your site must have some quality information on it that is worth linking to. Also, the more inbound links that you have from higher page rank site, the better off you are going to rank.

Now achieving these inbound links from high page rank sites is the focal point of achievement. It is an effort that takes time and energy on your part to gradually work there.

Search Engine Ranking Optimization – Gold Star Keywords


One of the critical success factors in search engine ranking optimization is choosing the correct keywords to build your website content around. Your keywords will determine the type of visitor who comes to your website.You must deliver on their expectations when they arrive or they will soon be gone.
As you research a possible market niche for your Internet business you are trying to identify Gold Star keywords. Gold Star keywords for search engine ranking optimization.

A Gold Star keyword has the following attributes:

  • Relevance – The keywords you use must be relevant to the content on your website. If you use not so relevant keywords you may achieve a high ranking in the search engines and generate lots of traffic. But you may not generate any sales. The key is to acquire targeted traffic to what you are selling. It is a must to identify keywords that match the content of your site.
  • Targeted Traffic – It is important to understand that most keywords in a niche have insignificant levels of traffic.

Choosing keywords at random will usually result in low levels of traffic to a website. There is a difference between searches and traffic. Statistically, the number 1 ranked site in a search only receives 42% of the clicks. So if a keyword is searched 100 times per day you would expect the number 1 ranked site to receive 42 visitors. Sites ranked below this receive far less traffic. With this in mind it is prudent to select keywords that receive around 200 searches per day.

  • Competition – To get an acceptable amount of traffic a website needs to get a first page ranking with the search engines. Only 10 websites appear on the first page. So a Gold Star keyword will have a level of competition that would allow a first page ranking to be earned.

There are 2 types of competition;

1.) the amount of websites competing for a keyword and

2.) the strength of the competition. In general you want to target keywords that have less than 30,000 competing websites to have a chance at a first pageranking. The smaller the better depending on the strength of the competition.

  • Commerciality – You need to find out if people who are searching with a specific keyword will spend money or if they just kicking tires. A good test is to see if there are AdWords ads of the search results page. If there are none then this would indicate that the keyword does not have much commercial viability. If there are ads check to see what they are selling to further determine commerciality.

Keywords play a critical role in search engine ranking optimization. If you can find Gold Star keywords for your niche then you will have a legitimate chance at earning a high ranking in the search engines. If a keyword falls short in one of the four attributes it probably isn’t worth pursuing. Even a Gold Star keyword doesn’t guarantee success.